Image of a mosaic of colourful hands holding in unity
Image of a mosaic of colourful hands holding in unity
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Why do diverse and inclusive companies consistently financially outperform those less so? This is a question that lies at the heart of the business case for ED&I, and it may be closely related with the new canons that make companies profitable in the knowledge economy.

There has been a tectonic shift that we have all lived, but perhaps not actively questioned: the most valuable “things” we work with, play with and spend time with, are becoming less “things”, less touchable, and well, more intangible.

In “Capitalism without capital: The rise of the intangible economy” Jonathan Haskel and Stian Westlake succinctly…

I am an unconditional fan of Doctor Who, not least because of its hypnotizing credits and unforgettable tune, but because of the way the Doctor thinks about time and events. In the Doctor’s universe there are certain points in history, certain singularities that act as crossroads, unique turns and bends that mark the course of history itself.

I fear we are living in one of those singularities, and what happens in this decade will likely define the events that will unfold this century. The response to the covid-19 crisis has unleashed an unseen wave of economic, political and social capital…

In this short article I will show you how to generate a simple 6 degree of freedom kinematic file for OpenFoam. The data file we will generate specifies the magnitude and direction of motion for a series of time points.

It is a combination of a linear displacement vector and a rotation vector about the specified center of gravity (CofG) of the object, which is defined on the dynamicMeshDict file.

This data file is later linearly interpolated by OpenFoam when running your CFD simulation, so your time points do not need to match exactly the timesteps you have set in…

Objective: To hook you into management by OKRs

Key Results:

1) Summarise what OKRs are and my experience with them into a 3 min read.

2) Direct you on to where you can find more about them.

3)Get this article reviewed by 3 friends and edited until they give it an 8+ out of 10 in the categories: ease of reading, explanatory content & enjoyability.

I ran into OKRs after my dad sent me this great TED talk about them, right around the time I was having a productivity crisis (gracias papá!), and I was immediately hooked.

I found it…

“Say what you are about to do, do it, prove you’ve done it.” That’s how David, my project management instructor summarised the methodology, and what better opportunity to apply this than in this article about what I learnt from him. Below what I took from the 5 day course beyond Prince:

1) Always Know What to do next.

Who hasn’t found themselves against the wall of ill planning be it personally or professionally? David likes to call us university students “professional students” and I’ve found not having an overall project plan for the semester is the main cause of the…

Pedro Hernández Gelado

Scout for the IX Hispana studying vortices beyond Hadrian’s Wall.

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